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** ​2006 Magick & Mysteries of Avalon **

Journey to a legendary past to create an inspired future Avalon, the magickal isle of legend, is no myth. There is a Lady of the Lake, great earth magic and Goddess energies, teachings and blessings which have been preserved for over a thousand years, kept alive in order to be passed on today.

If you feel the call of Avalon, the Goddess may live on in your heart, your blood, your ancestry—now is the time for her to reawaken and reactivate Avalon’s magick.
Join Lucy Cavendish for a sacred workshop overflowing with the wisdom and teachings of the Druids, Priestesses, Goddesses, Faerie folk and Morgens of Avalon.
In this workshop, Lucy will guide you through a series of magical rituals, meditations and exercises designed to unblock your fears, help you connect with the ancient crafts of the sacred Celtic Isle of Avalon, ignite your creativity and fully activate your psychic abilities.


This magical course is hands on, heartfelt and taught personally by Lucy Cavendish (author of the Magical Spellcards and The Oracle Tarot).

▪ A ritual to reawaken the Lady of the Lake within you
▪ Cerridwen’s cauldron—a ritual to release that which holds you back
▪ The secrets of the magickal tools of the Celts and the great stone circles of the ancient past
▪ Avalon’s sacred Goddess energy: Be re-connected with Her via a magickal meditation, be taken on a journey to meet your Goddess, and have theopportunity to ask her your questions
▪ The Priestess tradition of Avalon and the divine feminine energy
▪ A powerful blessing with water from Chalice Well—the source of the sacred springs of The Goddess and the ancient well of the Priestesses of Glastonbury
This intensive course will activate your own unique magickal talents, bringing a new level of awareness, beauty and purpose to all that you do.

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