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** 2007 White Magic **

White Magic ~ An Inspiring Guide to an Enchanted Life, presented by Lucy Cavendish

White Magic is the art of healing with love and light…
This is much more than a workshop. This is a magical portal through which transformative healing energy from all dimensions can begin to work with you, allowing you to experience miracles, divine light, true and lasting love, and deep change.
What you can expect
Within this magical space, Lucy Cavendish reveals the secrets of white magicians from the past, present and future, and teaches you her own methods of working with White Magic, designed to take your love life, your spirit and your body to a higher place.


With fascinating glimpses into her own path and life, Lucy Cavendish’s White Magic training session is an inner adventure, a living manual for magic and an inspiring guide to living an enchanted life.

Hear and learn of the ancient messages and teachings of White Magicians from Avalon, Atlantis and the future… and brings to light and life many esoteric secrets, blessings and rituals for personal power and transformation.

Journey to the realm of White Magic and discover how to:
▪ Create a fairy portal
▪ Connect with your guardian dragon
▪ Find balance with Chiron – the miracle healer who works with men and women;
▪ Uncover and work with your magical name
▪ Fully experience your psychic abilities;
▪ Energetically connect with the Goddess and God who is currently working with you
Exercises will include:
▪ Lucy’s White Magical Chakra Activation. Experience the power of your magical chakra system – the sword, chalice, stone and wand within…
▪ Brigid’s Flame Visualisation. Have your soul’s inner light reignited by the Goddess Brigid’s
▪ Discover and remove any blocks regarding love and sexuality with a powerful ritual that dissolves vows to past life and present life obstacles to beings of patterns that inhibit the finding of True Love.

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