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** 2009 Omens & Oracles **

~ The Secret Language of Spirit ~


Omens and Oracles - The Secret Language of Spirit

Let us go deeply into the soul of the world... Throughout all time there have been beings who are oracles: walkers between the worlds, human and otherwise. In this year's WWW, we will explore the history, methods and messages of the Oracles of this planet and beyond. We will work with practical exercises to develop our own oracular skills and abilities, to bring joy into our lives in meaningful ways.


Lucy will guide you through an amazing journey around the planet and her ages: from the Ziggurats of Sumerai to the Oracle of delphi, to the Groves of the Pristesses to the prophecies of the Hopi. We will explore recurring number sequences, crop circles and the coming of the new world in 2012.
Through movement, ritual and chant, we will learn how to access the Oracular state, and through a powerful audiovisual display, you will increase your understanding of symbology, and the language through which the Oracle speaks with you every day, in signs as subtle as the flight of birds, as a dream that comes true, in the knowing of your inner self that change is coming... Make yourself ready for the wonder: of 2009: come to the WWW, and find your wild, free self again.

Calling all mothers, daughters, grandmas, sisters, aunties, earth mamas, fairy godmothers, friends and goddess sisters... Join us for a gathering of fun, food, feathers, nature trysts, healing, laughter, medicine walks and sisterhood.
• 2-day OMENS & ORACLES workshop, with Lucy Cavendish;
• Fully catered including a magical FEAST on Saturday evening;
• Energy exchange includes workshop, accommodation, meals and laughter.

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