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** 2010 Faery Wisdom **

Surrounded by the beauty of the Western Australian bush and a stunning waterfall, we immerse ourselves in the enchanted realms of the magickal faeries for the 5th annual Wild Woman Weekend.

Featuring interactive, down to earth and fun workshops with Lucy Cavendish, delightful outdoor ritual and magicks, fully catered feasts and faery-inspired meditations and pathworking, we will reignite the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faerie! This weekend will brim with Faery teachings from the Celtic tradition, explore the faeries in the landscape immediately around us, and bring to you closer to the faery allies and nature guardians who fly with you now.


Learn the name and identity and energy of your fae guardian learn to walk the faery path, begin to relate and communicate with nature and her energies in clear direct ways, and awaken your faerie bloodline and joyful nature. Our powerful, simple and fun techniques will enrich your life, and make every day sparkle with enchantment. Connecting with the Wild Wisdom of the Faerie also assist you in your work with the cycles of the planet, guide you in preparation for the earth changes coming, stimulate and deepen your connection to your own soul - all in ways that are simple, joyful, profound and full of love. The special relationship that you have with the faerie is needed more than ever before, and your fae-rediscovery will heal, excite, delight and stimulate your body, mind, soul, both as a unique individual on this planet with a purpose, and as a being in relationship with the web of life.
















Join us as we walk Faery paths, learn the legends and the lessons faerie, and rediscover their wild wisdom deep within ourselves.  This weekend will awaken your magicks, and return you safely to the
wider world with a richer knowledge of your own sacred connection to nature, the spirits of nature, and the wild wisdom that is your birthright!

We will feast, create magick, and learn how to bring our creative wild self back into full and inspiring life. Activities will include wing-making, faerie spell-casting, outdoor ceremony and ritual, waterfall swimming, sacred theatre, faery initiation and partaking in a celebratory faery feast and party.
If you feel the call of the wise, wild fae, join us on this wondrous journey of magickal re-discovery!
* Faery history, lore and legends from around the world
* Faeries and shamanism
* Faerie beings around the world (Dragons, unicorn, menahune, mermaids, griffins, centaurs and more!)
* The Wild Hunt
* The Faery Courts
* Faeries and the elements
* Australian Fae - who's there, why and how to work with them
* Fae energy: sensing it, understanding it, bringing through messages
* Healing with the Faeries: Faery medicine and its physical impact
* Creative gifts of the Faery - Knowing your gifts, and how to manifest them into the world
* Faery medicine
* Faery journeys, paths and sacred sites
* Faerylands - where they are, who lives there, how to reach them, how to come home!

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