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​** 2011 The Way of the Wyld Goddess **

​The Wild Goddesses are freedom-loving, empowering feminine deities who can help you break through stifling, outgrown ideas and patterns, and offer refreshing, exciting alternatives and solutions!

If you wish to explore and reignite your birthright of wellbeing, health, delight, deep learning, support, nourishment and earthy, exciting teachings, join us for the 6th Wild Woman Weekend – the way of the Wild Goddess!

Discover more of your own true potential and your capacity for a life rich in meaning during this wonderful weekend! 

Who are we, when we free ourselves of our old stories, our conditioning and our outmoded belief systems. Who can we trust to connect and guide us through these changing times? are the loving, profound and powerful being s who we can connect with on a very real, practical and life-changing level.

Be inspired, enlightened and empowered as you learn of the Ways of the Wild Goddess this Wild Woman Weekend. Each day will see us gather and explore the true nature of our wild selves, exploring our own divine aspects through the lessons and energies of these fierce, loving, empowering Goddesses.
Featuring Wild Goddesses from a rich and diverse world pantheon, Lucy will share…
▪ The identity of the Wild Goddesses, and demonstrate how working with Wild Goddesses can inspire us to live rich, authentic joyful lives
▪ Authentic, grounded Wild Goddess lore and history, their associations, places of power, animals, symbols, stones and lore/law
▪ Understand proven way to work with the times and cycles sacred to the Wild Goddess – what to do, when, and how!
▪ Meditational journeys to meet and work with your own Wild inner Goddess
▪ Learn how to make a magickal talisman, wand or tool (to be charged in a group ritual)
▪ Discover which Goddess to call upon, and for what purpose – how to create true, meaningful relationships and exchanges with Deity.
▪ Establishing a true and purposeful connection
▪ Be united with your own Wild Goddess, your own protectress, guide or teacher!
▪ Make a dedication to your Wild Goddess in a group ritual
▪ Feast, love, share, learn and play with like-minded Wild Women!
The Wild Woman Weekend is a joyous, caring, blessed time of great fun, play, magick and creativity. We meet and create a complete world within a world!
Featuring beautiful outdoor ritual spaces, including a sacred waterfall, Serpentine Falls, we will enjoy this unique opportunity to gather in a safe, nourishing, supportive environment, brimming with joy, wisdom and inspiration!

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