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 ** 2012 The Dance of Change **

This Wild Woman Weekend for 2012 was very special – we will go deep, into ourselves, and discover more about what holds us back, and what heals us…
This WWW is devoted to growing self-love, developing our own personal power in healthy ways, identifying and overcoming obstacles and blasting through blocks and boundaries that no longer serve us! We are all metamorphosing, co-creating with changes and shifts, and learning to flourish in the new energy. We will laugh, explore, dance, feast, listen, share and learn together in the spirit of wild women – growing strength and loving power for the next stage of our lives. Together we will learn the dance of change, and become free!

















The weekend included:

▪ This is the year of the Water Dragon….so we connected with our own personal Dragon
▪ Discovered our primary blocks and how to work with them…identifying self-defeating moments, behaviours and self-talk, and learn new ways to speak, feel and do at those times…
▪ Your wild companion: learning more about shapeshifting, and familiars, so you can be helped by an ally who understands and guides you through Change at this mighty time…
▪ Discovering the Deity, Goddess or God who may be working with you for your p

As always, what we create this weekend ripples out into our futures. We co-sreate this time together, with spontaneity, authenticity, a spirit of exploration, and joy…

A note from Lucy Cavendish:
I feel blessed to have shared time, heart and space with so many women over the years thanks to you, and to Anita Revel. This year was be truly blessed when we all came together one more time. With love and deepest blessings, Lucy )O(


"I've been to three Wild Woman Weekends in total now and they have a very special place in my heart. These weekends have given me a safe place to grow from girl to woman and given me the courage to live the life I have always wanted. They inspire and nourish the soul. They are a catalyst for change and growth. - Wren

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