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Journey Investment: $5500 AU before November 1st 2017 MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY THIS DATE  

or $6000 AU thereafter

4* Accomodation, breakfast, excusions, entry fee's, Guest Guides,

ceremonies and land travel all INCLUSIVE.


∞ Prices are in Australian Dollars ∞

To reserve your place, first read the information below, fill out the registration form & submit it.

Use the  Bpay code to send your  $1000AUD deposit. PLEASE send us a

copy of your bank reciept to ::


We are happy to discuss your needs and answer all your questions. 

Send an email or call 0415 543 789 


As this soul-journey is within sisterhood, it therefore is a 18+ women's only event. 

Investment includes:


  • Accommodation in twin or triple rooms

  • Daily Breakfast.

  • All ground transportation, including service from pur meeting place at London Heathrow Airport Hotel .. We strongly advise you arrive the DAY before .. more on this through our private pages. Journey will depart at possibly at Gatwick Airport. (To be confirmed as flights are organised)

  • All workshops, rituals & soul craftings by Tracy, Larissa and guest speakers.

  • All entrance charges to both sacred and ancient & also modern sites.  

  • Sacred Talismans


  • Airfare NOT included

  • there may be extra options, tours or experiences available to you, but these will be additonal costs.

  • To join us on this soul-journey, travel insurance is mandatory and a copy of your certificate of currency will need to be presented to wyld wayz prior to our journey.


A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1000 will secure your place on our journey. The balance must be paid in full 3 months before the start of the tour. 1st April 2018. If the balance is not paid by this date, we reserve the right to regard the reservation as cancelled & NO monies will be refunded. PLEASE talk to us if there are any difficulties as we WANT you to be present on YOUR soul-journey and will do what we can to help make this possible.


Cancellation Policy


Cancellations must be confirmed IN WRITING and is subject to the following refund schedule:

Earlier than 6 months: All monies refunded, LESS ::  $1000 initial deposit as these funds would already have been dispursed.



From 4 to 6 months 75% Refund : minus initial deposit

From 3 to 4 month: 50% Refund : minus initial deposit

3 months or less: 0% Refund 


The Fine Print

Passports are required for all international travel. Passports must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of scheduled return to Australia. Travel documents and airline tickets must exactly match the name and spelling as appears in the passport.

For Passport holders other than Australian, a valid re-entry permit for Australia may be required.


It is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure they have full and correct documentation, Passport & Travel Insurance and Health plan (if applicable) to undertake their journey.


Your Physical Fitness 

An average & above fitness level is required. 

This journey will see us, climbing over small hedges, walking on uneven surfaces, in paddocks, near stinging nettels and up  fairly decent inclines .There is MUD, stairways and its the UK so likey rain. Our days are fairly full and you will need to use your personal ownership of self and your physical abilities. To ensure YOU get the most out of your soul journey as possible.


Please advise of any health conditions that may effect your journey & take FULL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for any medication, action plans, customs regulations & requirements,  that may be required .


***Additional Information ***


While we hope to move within the scope of this itinerary as closely as possible, where weather demands & situations beyond our control, days may need to be swapped about. Also note that should a crop circle appear while we are based in Wiltshire, we will endeavour to share this wondrous energy with you which can simply pop up when ever the others choose to create them, thus altering our day.



This journey will see us, climbing over small hedges, walking on uneven surfaces, in paddocks, near stinging nettles and up a fairly decent incline should you wish to, and we HOPE you do, want to climb to the top of the Tor. 

There is MUD, stairways and its the UK so likely rain.

Our days are fairly full and you will need to use your personal ownership of self

and decide if you need a little more rest.  


Where available there may be additions, surprises and new presenters

added to our soul- journey.

All that we ask is that you bring with you wonder, love, a sense of humour, adventure & gratitude and be prepared for the soul-journey of your life!

Registration Form

Investment Price - $5500 before September 1st 2017 

or $6000 thereafter

Payment plan available :: Payments made via Bpay

Wyld Tribes, Wise Ones & Wildlings

Journey the ancient pathways of Britannia

~ UK July 2018 ~

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