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Wild Woman Custodians

All about us ..

    well the juicy bits anyway

Tracy & Larissa are both passionate, loving &
creative sistas of the Wyld.


As creators of 'WYLDTRIBE SISTAHOOD' & custodians of 'Wild Woman Weekend' they create sacred spaces for women to circle, connect & embrace their inner wyld.


Through drumming, full moon circles, workshops, overseas soul-journeys & weekend retreats, their unique weaving of sisterhood creates a wondrous, safe & magickal spaces for women to come together to connect, rejuvenate and just be. 

Having met at Wild Woman Weekend, they discovered that their paths had almost crossed at many points & now that the two have come together with their individuality and many different and varied life experiences & talents, when woven together create a wondrous tapestry of diverse and soulful collaboration. 


*** )0( ***

  )0( Tracy McFie )0(

It is from a space of gratitude and love that I begin to write just a little about my story so far.


I am Mumma, Woman, Daughter, Sista & Beloved ... I have a heart that loves deeply and a spirit that can soar as high as the stars.

I have been challenged, been hurt, been scared and my soul has grown from such experiences.


For the past 20 years I've had the absolute pleasure to be involved in both a teaching & student capacity in women's circles. In all manner of formats and flavours.  I am part of the Wyld Women movement which encourages women to embrace their wyld soul and be beautifully uniquely themselves raw, primal and free.


I am an empath, which allows me to tune into the feelings of others and I've trained in a shamanic capacity as a healer. I am a natural born Witch, I honour the earth, the seasons & cycles. I connect to the divine in both the masculine and feminine form.

I believe in duality and the right of each and every soul to live, experience & grow in love freedom and joy.

I have experienced and been part of many workshops and circles over the years including reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing, chakra balancing, divination and so many more.

I am a fully qualified fitness professional and love the way that my spiritual beliefs transcend across all facets of my life.


My love for this world sees me travelling as much as I can. I've walked the spaces of Britain, Wales, Egypt, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland  France, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Pacific Isles, New Guinea .. and on my travels I have dived into culture, talked and laughed explored and expanded my human connection. I am me, perfectly imperfect.

Raw, Wyld & Free!!


As part of Wild Woman Weekend & the creatrix of Wyld Tribe Sistahood. 

I am part of a large sistahood of likeminded women growing together in support and compassion to be truly THERE for each other through all of lifes joys & pains.

I have with my gorgeous Soul-Sista lead a Soul-Journey through the ancient and sacred spaces of Britannia, sat circle at Stonehenge and ommmmmmed on top the Tor ...


I love fiercely, I am authentic & compassionate and in every capacity I wish to share what I am with the world. I invite you to join me where ever it calls to you and

KNOW that you shall be honoured and loved


Wyld Blessings Trace xXx

goddess, magic, moon, sisters, wild

Larissa O'Neill

A long white cloud lovingly caresses the Islands of New Zealand and with the heart beat of the mother a girl child is born. The ocean, the call of the tides, the dance of the sea, the salt in the wind; the ebb & flow of the cauldron of creation. She learns to swim the tides of life, to float, to sink, to be guided by the Moon,    to hear the calls of the whales, her kin, and the song lines of the ancestors flow through her very being.


Larissa, mother, wisdom keeper, Lemurian. Artisan & mixed medium creatrix.  She lives her wisdom and lovingly accepts her calling.  Leading in the journey of change, forging a path into the new world & with joy & bliss helping others to do the same. 

It all began with a dream ...

The story of Wild Woman Weekend began in 2006 where two wonderful, magical & caring women Anita Revel & Lucy Cavendish, chose to create a space for women to come together for a weekend to laugh, play, create and just be. From then it has gone from strength to strength in this very unique format which both creates a space for the authentic self and inner divination. The weekend has since evolved into a circle of sistas that extends beyond the world of the weekend and into everyday existence.

Our Facebook community gives the opportunity to stay in touch and support one another in our everyday lives, drawing on the strength of sistahood, the wyldness of the woman within & the interconnectedness of the human spirit.


As the custodian torch passes to Tracy & Larissa the founding intention continues to grow, taking on its new form, growing wings and taking flight.

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