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Heartbeat of the Mother

Energy of EARTH 2015

 " The call of the mother brings us to ground, the call of

earth where the wyld one is found "

Listen ... Can you hear it? ... Can you feel the pull on the threads? the challenge from the wild woman within? the beating of your heart as it yearns to become one with the rhythms of the EARTH.

The call of the mother; that tribal, raw aspect of self however she manifests for you  ... Come, Come she whispers .. embrace the wild woman within.


Wild Woman Weekend 2015 embraces the groundedness and tribal, primal energy of EARTH. Through this weekends journey, we will explore the ground beneath our feet, the divine primalness of soul, delicateness of heart and the energy of the great mother..

We ask you to come tread the circle of your tribal being and run wild with your sisters.  We will invite the fae folk of the land, the medicine of the Australian animals and the wisdom of the mother herself to join us in our exploration.  Journeying right to the very essence of soul, heart, love & self love ..


Our EARTH is the heart chakra of our solar system and under her guidance this weekend asks you to look and experience LOVE in its many forms .. what are you passionate about? have you forgotten yourself? are you in love with you? and if not are your ready to challenge that belief and begin the journey to fall deeply into that peaceful state of bliss with self from which all else comes? 


Wild Women honouring self & having a whole lot of fun


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