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What to bring  

Coming along to the Wild Woman Weekend

is so much about slipping in-between the many other-world roles that we women play

and letting go, surrendering too & releasing our authentic wyldselves!!

So there are only a few real world items that you will need.

The rest is yet to unfold .....


Dress in anything at all that make's you feel, special, nourished and comfy. Traditionally we dress up for the evening ritual's & feast so break out the things that make YOU feel Wyld!!

2018 is LEMURIAN DREAMING .. which really expands in all directions of possibility .. Take a peek at 'weekends gone by' for inspiration.


It has been a long-held tradition of WWW to bring along a small 'gift wrapped' item to be given to one of your new found Sistas at the completion of our weekend.

Over the years these items have become cherished mementos of our weekend together. It need be nothing expensive but rather 'FEEL' into the exchange and remember how nice it is to both give & receive. 


YOU will need to BRING LINEN for a single bed, a pillowslip & towel. The venue has doonas & pillows.

You may also wish to bring cushions, a nice wrap or floor chair to sit on.

Flavoured & sacred water will be available all through our weekend so perhaps bring a water bottle. You will need your own toiletries and perhaps thongs for the showers.


Bring along your journal or book shadows & light, magical pens. We will be setting up places of honour in the four directions of North, East, South & West & identifying with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit so if you wish to add a special piece to these spaces please feel free.

If you also enjoy reading cards, runes or any other divination tools and would like to share, please bring these along.


The weekend is COMPLETELY catered for however if you love a midnight snack with the girls or enjoy a special brand of tea, pop these into your suitcase.

If you have any special dietary requirements, as much as we try to cater for everyone, in an increasing space of allergic reactions and food intolerances it needs to be YOUR responsibility to bring anything extra you may require. Any drinks that you wish to bring along can be placed in to our cool room. Just see Mel ..


Please bring along any drums, tribal instruments, guitars etc .. At Wild Woman Weekend, we sing, dance, chant and create soundscapes for ritual, fun & contemplation.

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