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Rise of the Phoenix

2013 Energy of Fire

 "To rise and shine, to take wing and fly"



​Whispered on the wind, and flowing through the seas, a call was sent forth across the land for the woman to gather, to circle and to embrace the inner wyld. As they arrived for the 8th annual Wild Woman Weekend in the bushlands of Western Australia there was a stirring of wonder, an edge of excitement and the delicious hint of anticipation.

I Ariana, & my sista Larissa as creators of 'Wyld Wayz' & custodians of 'Wild Woman Weekend' had spent a season creating the space, weaving the theme and pouring our energy & love into the magic of our retreat. Our guiding theme this year was ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ where through myth, story & song the sistas were invited to consider 'what do they leave as their ashes & what lights their fire? As they entered sacred space on the first evening, we shared the light of weekends past and invited all wyld sisters to join us in spirit. We created the space together, set out intent and hope for the weekend and with the beating of the heart drum, invited the Phoenix to sour in our midst. The enchantment was woven, the sisterhood strengthened and the magick of transformation created.

As the sun rose on the new day we started with soundscapes in the outdoor circle where we welcomed in the sun with sound & song and partook of our morning nourishment. From there it was into the temple to delve into the myth and story of the Phoenix. We drummed deep into this space, connecting, weaving & transforming and as the mythical Phoenix took wing, with all senses heightened, we merged the energy into our bodies in an explosion of moving meditation and ecstatic dance. The sistas were then invited to create a visual piece symbolizing their journey and create a sacred talisman to be charged together. This was a very meaningful process for all with loads of laughter, contemplation and delicious cake!

With the sun high in the sky, Larissa moved us into spell crafting of the transformation arrows and activation bundles. Harnessing wisdom & properties of herb lore, symbology & natures gifts, the sistas went very deep into this process where they we invited to physically create an offering to gift to the fire that embodied the things they wished to transform & a bundle of wishes, dreams & longings to be activated by the fertile ashes.
Ritual began under the light of the moon & stars above with the keeper of the light leading us though the labyrinth & entrance rites into the circle where the heart drum guided our magickal workings. The energy of this space was so potent, uplifting and powerful and I know that for some this was truly a wondrous experience. Words cannot describe how this felt, it is a feeling, a tuning in, a connection so deep that only those present can know its wonder.
With empowered energy still resonating within each one of us, we reentered the temple & 'decadent' is the only word that can describe the lovingly prepared nourishment of our Morrocan styled feast. Dawny Owl had spent the day singing magick into the food that nourished both our bodies and our very souls. After the feast more merriment was woven, the fire raised higher, the beat of the drums and fire twirling of the sistas began ...........
The new day saw us moving to the magick of the falls, the drum journey and relaxation of the space. The settling in of the real bond of sisterhood & the knowing of the strength that comes from being called sista. The talismans that we had charged by Phoenix & fire were now woven into this bond where all sistas maintain their magick and effectiveness thus all dreams and wishes be fed and nourished by us all. With an afternoon of massages, magical marketing, conversation & food our wyld circle slowly came to a close. With love, joy, gratitude, laughter and tears we sent the energy from our weekend out into the ether to begin the call once more for the women to gather, to circle & embrace the wyld within.

            Till we gather once more dear sistas, Wyld blessings Trace & Larissa xXx

'This Wild Woman Weekend was the most wild weekend ever!! Very raw & powerful. The fire was fabulous & ritual very authentic'

Lilly WA

'What a wonderful space to create sisterhood in. To truly be able to be exactly who you are, be supported in all you need to release & manifest. Thank you Ariana & Larissa your are GODDESSES'

Lauralee x WA

'Wonderful transformational weekend. I love the sisterhood;
Amanda WA

'Ariana & Larissa you guys rocked!! How awesome to have you teach & journey with. Blessed & honoured hope to be back next year'
Melina VIC

'Thank you for the amazing, healing weekend.
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment  & would love to do it again!
Brooke WA

'Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love all you wild woman sisters'
Jodi QLD

'The Experience was so raw the spirit of my animal flowed and I got a glimpse at my essence. Thanks ladies it was divine!
Shelley WA

Much love and gratitude to all of my sisters for making it the most incredibly delicious, SEXY, fun and intoxicating weekend yet!
Sabrina WA

 What are your Ashes?   &  What lights your Fire?

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