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Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.  Maybe they just need to run free,

til they find someone just as wyld to run with them.

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Join us in the beautiful Serpentine Hills

of Western Australia

for our 15th Annual Wyld Woman Weekend

Friday 27th - 29th March : 2020


Wild Woman Weekend is an intimate gathering of

awakening women,

the rewylding of our sacred selves.  In this our 15th annual weekend, we Return to Avalon


We come together to refine our feminine arts, receive healing, deepen

our devotion, align to our integrity and initiate into a greater depth of knowing thyself.


Together we rise & create a Temple of Healing for our larger community. Experiencing once again the ecstasy and deep peace it is to live, breathe, love and gather together in a space devoted to healing the Sistahood wound, through deep witnessing of one another, exploration of self-empowerment and CELEBRATION of all that it is to be a woman!


This is not a festival, a conference or a workshop but an

intimate immersion weekend...

To contain the magick numbers are limited.



Wild Women Weekend is an experience like no other. With love, respect and laughter, the threads of Sistahood are woven for a lifetime.
An absolutely amazing bond that can never be broken.
Tracey Myhill

'The Wild Woman Weekend was a true weaving of magic,

self-empowerment and the true meaning of sisterhood


 Jodi QLD 


'Wild Woman Weekend - thank you for providing such a welcoming and wonderfully wild and safe space to help facilitate love, joy and magick!

Thank you Trace and Larissa for sharing your energy and allowing us all to do the same and thank you beautiful sistas for sharing so openly and helping to create the warmest, most loving space!

Last but not least, thank you for helping me to rediscover my wings and helping me remember that I can actually fly!!!  love, joy & giggles'

Kerry x WA 


'A weekend of love, laughter & sisterhood. WWW expanded my senses & reinforced the connection we have to each other and to the divine feminine in us all'

Lauralee WA


Fantastic weekend, 100% satisfaction and will always be part of my yearly self care ritual. Thank you,  you are both amazing xx

Leanne WA

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