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Wild Woman Weekend


The story of Wild Woman Weekend began in 2006 where two of the most wonderful, magical & caring women Anita Revel & Lucy Cavendish, chose to create a space for women to come together for a weekend to laugh, play, create and just be.


From then it has gone from strength to strength in this very unique format which both creates a space for the authentic self and inner divination. The weekend has since evolved into a circle of sistas that extends beyond the world of the weekend and into every day existence.

Our facebook community gives the opportunity to stay in touch and support one another in our everyday lives, drawing on the strength of sistahood, the wyldness of the woman within & the interconnectedness of the human spirit.

Six years ago, the custodian torch passed to Trace & Larissa and the founding intention continues to grow, taking on its new form, growing wings and taking flight.

Feel free to explore our pages and feel the energy, love & true magic of weekends gone by.

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