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Rituals, Magick & Spellcrafting

These lands, Britannia, the lands of ancient peoples, tribes, wise ones & wildlings and lets not forget the animal messengers & the plant kingdom, all steeped in magick & mystery.  The land, the sacred spaces, temples, circles, waters, dolmens & barrows, the standing ones & the stone beings, all hold energy, wisdom, memories, songs & stories that have been woven throughout time. 


Within sisterhood, we shall gather & circle, to experience this energy.  We shall follow the ancient pathways & ridgeways, that have been walked upon for many many moons & honour those gone before us & those yet to come.  In ritual & ceremony, through offerings & reverence, in a myriad of forms.  As we wander amongst the hedgerows & wildflowers, with respect to the wild ones, acknowledging the properties & energies held within the plant life & wildlife.   Deep within sacred space, we may feel a deep connection, perhaps a connection to lifetimes past, or a soul piece that had been scattered & lost upon the wind.  Waiting for just the right time for you to return & gather up such a piece, to unlock long forgotten memories. To sinking our feet upon the shores of the ocean, and listen for the wisdom from the sea hags & sirens, and divine with the treasures gifted to us within the waves.  To cleansing our energy field within the sacred waters, springs & wells.  Down the sacred wells perhaps the whispers or songs of your past may be heard.  And honour ourselve as women & goddesses in the divine spa's & healing spaces. 


As we soul journey we will gather & collect trinkets & treasures, memories & moments.  We may also shed & release that which we no longer need.  We will spellcraft these into power-filled tools & talismans, so this magick will resonate throughout time & out into the universe.

Well hold within each & everyone of us great magick & wisdom. So as we walk these pathways we will imprint our very own energy within this space, so we will do so with integrity, intent, honour & respect, now that in its purest form is magick.


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