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Sistas, join us for this VERY Special Circle 

To nurture the Wyld Woman Within, Honour the Sacred Feminine and EXPLORE the world of Spirit, Deep Connection to Self & Psychic Expansion.

"Sistahood Circle offers women an opportunity to come home to the light of their own divine soul. Women in CELEBRATION of one another. In circle we share our stories with integrity and trust, creating a safe space of connection to grow into our most empowered, centred & authentic selves"

From WEDNESDAY 1st FEBRUARY for a nine week cycle 
Together we will : 

:: Explore the TOOLS of Enligtenment & Expansion
:: Be conscious of the Awakening Spiritual Woman 
:: Explore the Sacred FEMININE Aspects
:: Reconnect with our Guides and Univsersal Energy
:: The Goddess Archetypes
:: Learn how to create a clear and SACRED space 
:: Connect to your Raw Feminine POWER
:: Learn about Energy, Frequency & Vibration
:: Learn to cleanse our energy : The Art of Smudge Ceremony
:: Effective Meditation, Journey & Healing techniques
:: Song, Sound, Chant & Ceremony
:: Become AWAKENED & ALIVE, activating your Chakra Centres
:: Create a wonderful circle of SISTAHOOD based on gratitude, RESPECT and love.
:: Learn about your SPIRITUAL TOOL BOX of sorts, Crystals, Essential Oils, Oracle Cards, Flower Readings & more to amplify your energy & attune your physic senses. 


Bright Blessings Beautiful Souls,
My name is Tracy and I am both humbled and honoured to Hold Space & Priestess for you.

I have been facilitating Women’s Sacred Circles these past 20 years and presented at the

Goddess Conference NSW, Seven Sisters Festival VIC and part of

Wild Woman Weekend for the past 11 years.

I walk a the Pathway of the Awakened Woman, the Urban Priestess. I am connected to the

cycles of the Moon, the Earth and the ideal of Family First, I ADORE my children.

I have had the privilege to host UK Sacred Soul-Journeys, Bali Retreats, Weekend Retreats,

Moon Circles as well as many other wonderful spaces of Celebration, Connection & Healing.

I would be honoured if Y O U dear one, would join me for this very special circle.

Places will be limited so that we can create a beautiful authentic space.

Exchange will be $220 :: $100 deposit required.

Payment plans can be organised.
I look forward to creating sacred space with you.

Much Love & Wyld Blessings
Trace xXx


"In the Circle we are all equal. There is no one in front of

you and there is nobody

behind you. No one is above you; No one is below you.

The circle is sacred because it is designed to create UNITY"

*** Sistahood Circle ***

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