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Wild Woman Weekend 2014 

Beneath the Surface, flows the spirit of the wild one.


7th, 8th & 9th March 2014.  Serpentine, Western Australia

All the good bits

  • Simple yet comfortable accomodation Twin/triple Share​

  • Full decadent catering - Amazing Kitchen Witch (and most dietry needs catered for)

  • All materials used for ceremonies, rituals & spell crafting

  • Sensational waterfall to emerse yourself in.

  • Natural secluded bushland setting

  • Wild Woman Sisterhood

  • Bring any musical instruments especially Drums

Listen ... Can you hear it? ... Can you feel the pull on the threads? the challenge from the wild woman within .... the rhythm of the ebb & flow, the connection to moon & tide and the primal excitment of what lays beneath the surface ...


Thus, the call of sisterhood is sent across the ether, through waterways & upon the winds. It is in the crackle of the fire and echoes through the earth beneath our feet.... 


Wild Woman Weekend 2014 embraces the ebb, flow, cleansing & clarity of water. Through this weekend journey, we will explore glacial strength and beauty, the flow and depth of lakes & rivers, the gentelness and fragility of streams and the ever magical force of the ocean.. 


We ask you to come stir the cauldron of your being and run wild with your sisters. Within this brew of achemy we will invite the remebering of the whale song, the fun and family of the merfolk & the song of the ever luminous sea sirens. We will explore the arts of divination on this our 9th www and create our own water inspired Oracle Runes. It can be said that our weekends truly have a transformative effect, even in just knowing that you are part of an everlasting sisterhood forever. 



  • Friday night will see us gather in circle, weaving the etheric threads of sisterhood, as we feel the ebb & flow of water through our very being.  Alchemy within the cauldron, starts to brew with our intent & magick, as we immerse ourselves in the wild sisterhood.  The calls of the wild ones will start to echo & we will delve into the depths with them.



  • Our physical beings will be nourished throughout our retreat by our kitchen witch, Dawny Owl. Who stirs her love, magic & alchemy into every devine creation that comes out of the kitchen.  So if you hear a cackle echoing you know how amazing the food will be.  We do cater vegetarian & gluten free, so please let us know.  Oh and we do cater for those of use whom LOVE desserts & cake!


  • As the sunrises over the hills to the east, soundscapes will welcome the sun. During our day, we shall (in fine goddess style) journey into the depths where your wild spirit flows, we will embody the energies of these wild ones.  We shall move & dance feeling every ebb & flow of emotion in every form.  We shall support, encourage & witness our sistehood as we step up & step into all that we are & all that we will choose to become.  As a whirlpool of energy starts to swirl, we shall harness this magick in some spell crafting & divination.  The signs, symbols & messages that we are gifted during this journey, you will use to create your own unique magical treasure, so you can ride the wave of energy we create.  

  • Grandmother Moon & the waters, all waters within & without, move with her.  And so to shall we.  Under her radiance we shall gather, circle & create a sacred ritual............... but we will save these juicy bits until then!


  • Our Wild Woman Feast shall follow where your tastebubs will dance & dive into nourishing, scrumptous, decadant feast, in a manner that only Dawny Owl can do.


  • Drumming, musical instruments, dancing, chanting, singing, howling, the Lily stomp & of course WILDNESS, are all encouraged and expressed around the cauldron (it's bush fire season) under the stars for the evening.


  • Sunday morning..... What would a retreat embodying the energy of water be, without immersion into the depths of Serpentine Dam & to cleanse our aura feilds under the waterfall..  We shall create, journey & simply 'be' all that we are.  


  • Our closing circle, where we cherish our sisterhood & our thread that can never be broken, starts to unwind. We shall chant, sing & gift abundant love into our cauldron, our sisterhood, Mother Earth & to our universe in true Wild Woman style.


So if you can feel the stirring in your soul we would love you to join us please click on the link to be directed to our registration and info page


Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.  

Maybe they just need to run free,

til they find someone just as wild to run with them.

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