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Energy of  WATER 2014

"Beneath the surface flows the spirit of

the Wyld one"

Listen ... Can you hear it? ... Can you feel the pull on the threads? the challenge from the wild woman within .... the rhythm of the ebb & flow, the connection to moon & tide and the primal excitement of what lays beneath the surface ...


Thus, the call of sisterhood is sent across the ether, through waterways & upon the winds. It is in the crackle of the fire and echoes through the earth beneath our feet.... 


Wild Woman Weekend 2014 embraces the ebb, flow, cleansing & clarity of water. Through this weekend journey, we will explore glacial strength and beauty, the flow and depth of lakes & rivers, the gentleness and fragility of streams and the ever magical force of the ocean.. 


We ask you to come stir the cauldron of your being and run wild with your sisters. Within this of brew sea sirens. We will explore the arts of divination on this our 9th www and create our own water inspired Oracle Runes. It can be said that our weekends truly have a transformative effect, even in just knowing that you are part of an everlasting sisterhood forever. alchemy we will invite the remembering of the whale song, the fun and family of the merfolk & the song of the ever luminous

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