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Wild Woman Weekend  

:: Friday 7th April - Sunday 9st April 2017 ::

Credits & Blessings
Voice Over ∞ Tracy McFie : Music with respect ERI SUGAI : Some Photography Mandi - Cherishu :
and YOU our sistas xXx

Embraces the expressive, faery, expansive energy of SPIRIT, the breath of life. Through this weekends journey, we will soar within the realm of air, of conscious thought, inspiration & clarity.

Dare to dream sisters, big dreams & weave these moments into being.

We ask you to come breath deeply within the consciousness of your truth and fly with your sisters. We will invite the fae folk of the land, the medicine of the Australian animals and the wisdom of the mother herself to join us in our exploration. Journeying right to the very essence of soul,

heart, love & self love ..

"It can be said that our weekends truly have a transformative effect.

Through laughter, play, tears, often from laughing so much! 

Sincerity, sacred ceremony,

honesty & integrity.

We invite you to become  part of an everlasting sisterhood

that transcends the bonds of time & space."

ARRIVAL TIME: from 3pm ∞ Serpentine


  • Friday night will see us gather in circle, pulling in & weaving the etheric threads of sisterhood and you will be invited to begin to feel into the connection to AIR.  The coming together of sisters both newly welcomed and sisters of old for this our 12th annual Wild Woman Weekend.



  • Saturday.. As the sunrises over the hills to the east, soundscapes will welcome the sun & the day. Through movement and music we will tune into earth and all that she chooses to gift us.  After breaking our fast,  we shall (in fine goddess style) soul-journey into the realm of SPIRIT to explore our wildness both in shadow & light emerging with new insights, inspirations & awakenings. We shall move & dance in its primal form expressing the raw essence of self and how we relate to our spirit, our oneness and our physical form. There will be a free form manifestation piece created as we emerge from the dream and ground ourself back into this space. We shall support, encourage & witness our sisterhood as we step up & step into all that we are & all that we will choose to become.  This can be a VERY powerful and transformative space, supported and grounded in love. 


  • After basking in tastebud delights, the afternoon will be spent honouring self, through reflection, gathering with sisters to share, tell stories, laugh & cry.  A time to 'just be', soak up the energy of our world between worlds.  There may be some time to adorn our bodies & let our wildness shine.

  • As the sun gets low in the sky the adornment for our evening ceremony begins. .. but shhhh cant give away everything can we! 


  • Under Grandmother Moon & supported by GREAT SPIRIT our sacred ceremony will begin as nights stars light the sky, and the wonder of energy, sistahood and magick shall abound  ... and after, our traditional Wild Woman Feast shall follow where you will dance & dive into nourishing, scrumptious  decadent feast .


  • The evening will then unwind as it will .. Drumming, musical instruments, dancing, chanting, singing, howling, the Lily stomp & of course WyLDNESS, are all encouraged and expressed under the stars for the evening.


  • Sunday morning..... Slower start to our day we will move into chant and releasing the breath of life through voice, instruments, body & heart we will slip into to transtate as we once more connect .. going out into our environment to REALLY listen to the calls of the mother .. sending wishes out into the ether and healing for our planet and all whom live upon her.


  • Our closing circle, where we cherish our sisterhood & our thread that can never be broken, starts to unwind. We shall chant, sing & gift abundant love into our sisterhood, the winds of change & to our universe in true Wild Woman style.


So if you can feel the stirring in your soul we would love you to join us please click on the link to be directed to our registration and practical info page


The Wild Woman speaks with her own voice,

walks her path fiercely, talks with grace & dignity,

she dances to the rhythm of her own drum.

Practical Matters .. 

Simple yet comfortable accomodation Twin/triple Share​

Full decadent catering - (and most dietry needs catered for)

All materials used for ceremonies, rituals & spell crafting provided

Natural secluded bushland setting

Wild Woman Sisterhood

Bring any musical instruments especially drums

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